Is it possible to get a ban for an account after using services?

No bans or any sanctions - is one of the most important rules of our service. We care about our customers, and therefore carefully check each service for quality and safety. If you see service in our list of services, then be sure of its safety.


Are there any guarantees for promotion?

Lifetime guarantee for almost all services. Guarantee on all services at least 30 days from the date of the order. The guarantee period for each service you can find in its description.


Order statuses: What stage has my order reached?


Completed:Your order is fully completed!

Pending: Your order is currently being redirected to the server.

This will occur during the start time specified in the service description.

In progress: Your order is currently in progress and delivering.

Processing: Your order is currently being processed by the server.

Canceled: Your order has been stopped, and the money for it has been refunded to your balance.

Partially completed: Your order was stopped, and the money was refunded to your balance for the incomplete part of the order.

Refilling: Your order is refilling on the server.


Do you work only with YouTube?

Yes. We work only in a sphere in which we have a lot of experience. Because of this, we can always be focused on what is appreciated in our company: safety, speed, guarantee, service,

quality and much more.






Why do you need a YouTube promotion?


YouTube promotion can help you develop your channel and promote content in several directions at once. Most often, promoting on YouTube with could be helpful to Increase the confidence of your

current subscribers. Constantly growing numbers of views will help you to show your current subscribers the

relevance of your content and public interest in it. Increase the interest of your content among potential subscribers. First of all, people pay attention to the widely popular content.


Effective video ranking. It is always more profitable when the video is in the top positions or into the “Recommended”, but in the current competition it is not always possible. will help you with it.


1. Get the trust of advertisers. Advertisers pay attention primarily to the channels where a certain activity already exists. With you can easily get your first advertising order.

2. Get customers. If you are selling on the Internet - quality video with good the activity can easily help you raise

your sales.


Retention of YouTube views – what does it mean?


The retention of YouTube views is the time during which users will watch your video. You can find information about the average retention of your video in your real-time statistics.


Video ranking - what does it mean?


Video ranking on Youtube is a system that places the videos in a specific order when you’re using a YouTube search. Also, ranking affects the chance to get in "Recommendations" and "Similar".


Could your services help me to get monetization enabled?

Yes of course! Our services will help you if you want to overcome the limit of 4000 watch hours to enable monetization.


Is it safe to use your services if monetization or an affiliate program is connected to the channel?

Our services are safe. Monetization can be included without any risks.


Is there any order quantity limits?

Yes, each service has its limit on the minimum and maximum order quantities. Information about it can be found in the service description.


I need a small number of views or likes. Can I order less than the minimum quantity?

Unfortunately, making orders for less than the minimum quantity of likes, views or other activity which is specified in the description of the service is impossible I need more views, likes or subscribers than allowed in the service description.


★★★★ Can I place multiple orders on a single link to get more?


You can’t order more in the amount of all your orders per link than the maximum limit specified in the description of a service. For example, if the YouTube subscribers service has a maximum limit of 1000 subscribers, this means that you can order a maximum of 1000 subscribers per account, regardless of the number of orders that were made. In case of violation, the administration reserves the right to withdraw guarantees for

orders exceeding the maximum amount allowed.


★★★★★ My video is “Premiere Recording” or “Stream Recording”, can I get views on it?

No. Only a normal video is available. If you’ve placed an order for Premiere or Stream Recording, however, the service is not available for this type of video, please contact our support team so we can cancel your order and return the money to your balance.



★★★★★ My video is a “Stream”, can I get views on it?

No. Only a normal video is available. If you’ve placed an order for Premiere or Stream Recording, however, the service is not available for this type of video, please contact our support team so we can cancel your order and return the money to your balance.


From which country will be ordered YouTube services?

“Worldwide” - activity will be delivered from one random country or group of countries.


★★★★★★ It seems to me that the order for YouTube views is stuck, what should I do?


In case of such concerns, please use the following instructions to check:


First of all, we recommend you to check your link for correctness.

Examples of correct links can be found in the FAQ section. If the link which you’ve used is not correct, please contact our support team.


Check the starting time specified in the service description. Has enough time passed for the order to be processed and start delivering?


Please note that YouTube doesn’t instantly update statistics of views under the video. Sometimes it can take up to 6-24 hours, in connection with which you can watch the stocked counter of views under your video.


We recommend that you check your real-time statistics before contacting support. Usually it is updated faster.


If your video is a “Premiere” or “Stream Recording,” please make sure that the ordered service will function properly for these types of videos. This information can be found in the service description. If the service is not

available for your video, please contact our support team for cancellation.


Check the service delivery speed specified in the service description. Is your order delivering at the appropriate speed?


Check if the “Embedding” feature is enabled for your video. When ordering services, it is recommended to leave “Embedding” enabled.


Check for any restrictions by YouTube on your video. If YouTube has set an age limit, country of view, etc., this order can’t be delivered. In case of restrictions, please contact support to cancel the order.


Make sure that your current number of views is higher than the number of views that you had at the time of starting of the order. If it’s lower, the server will automatically stop the order. Anyway, we recommend contacting the support service to cancel the order.


If after carrying out the above actions you are convinced that your order is stuck, please contact our support team for further verification.


My views/likes/subscribers dropped, what should I do?

In case of detection of drops, please use the following algorithm:


First, go to your “Order History” and select the order for which you have drops.


we recommend contacting our Ticket for help. (order id)


By the status change to “Refill”. The order will begin to refilling after some time.


If the automatic check won’t detect drops, however, you are sure that there are drops, please contact our support team. We will re-check your order and will do our best to help you.


If you need to make a refill as soon as possible, please also contact our Ticket with the corresponding request.


★★★★★★ I made several orders at the same time on one link - what will happen?


We have the following rule: “If you place the same link twice while the first one is not completed yet there can be some delays. Also in such cases we don't provide any guarantee.”


In case of violation of this rule, please contact our Ticket for clarification, specify the numbers of duplicate orders. We will try to help you, but there may be delays in-order delivery.


The retention which was stated in the service description does not correspond to the delivered - what should I do?


If you will find a similar problem, please use the following instructions:


Please carefully check your real-time statistics. Often, YouTube needs time to update it, so retention may not appear immediately. If you have noticed that the displayed dates of the statistics don’t correspond to the date of delivery of the order, please wait until the statistics are completely updated.


If the statistics are correct and you still see a problem with retention, please send the corresponding request to our support service with a screenshot of real-time statistics with dates confirming this information.


YouTube Reposts: the order is marked as “Completed”, but I don’t see any changes in statistics, what should I do?

YouTube usually need time to update the statistics. This is especially important for YouTube reposts - information about it in real-time statistics takes much time to be updated. Sometimes it may take up to 6-24 days to complete the update of repost statistics.


YouTube order status for Comments order changed to “Completed”, and no comments appeared, what should I do?


We recommend you firstly check the “Spam” folder on YouTube - sometimes comments can be delivered there.


If there are no comments in the Spam folder, please contact our support team.


It seems to me that the service was not fully provided, can this be somehow checked?

If you think that the ordered service was not fully provided to you, please create a corresponding request to the support service, enclosing the grounds for these concerns, for example, in the form of screenshots of real-time statistics. We will double-check your order on the server, where we have an additional counter installed that takes into account only the sent activity.


Is it possible to order the promotion of video directly to the "Trends"?

Unfortunately, at the moment our company doesn’t provide the promotion of videos directly to the "Trends".




Can I get a discount?

NO. But you can get a 5% bonus for $500. (PayPal Exclusion)


How to change the password?

You can change your current password in the “Account” column.

To get there, click on your “Account” in the upper right corner and select the appropriate section.


I can’t create a new ticket, what should I do?

For additional security, an anti-spam system works on our service.

It could block you from creating new tickets if you were writing too often.

Wait for a little – you’ll be allowed to make a new ticket soon.


I left a request to cancel the order, how long could it take?

No, You can't cancel the order. Order slowly and carefully.


Thank you.